Terms of participation

The organizer and service center of the Innsbruck Nature Festival FILM (I.N.F. FILM) is Bohatsch Marketing, Riedgasse 93, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria.

In terms of subject matter, the films submitted must deal with the topic of nature and/or environment.

2017 or later

Only one film per director may be submitted. Also films are only allowed if they haven’t been submitted to the I.N.F. FILM before.
All Applicants must register online!

Documentaries: € 30,-
Short Films (max. 30‘): € 20,-
Young talents (max. 20‘, up to 25 years): € 5,-
Entry fees have to be transferred free of charge for the beneficiary until July 15th 2019 to the following account:
name: Innsbruck Nature Festival zH Thilo Bohatsch
IBAN: AT06 3620 9000 0026 9639
Payment via PayPal.me by following this Link: PayPal/INFF

The application is only valid
• with the arrival of a fully completed official online-application form
• with given access to filmdata as online-screener OR file upload OR labeled storage medium by mail
• after successfull payment of application fee

German-language films should provide english subtitles, english-language films should provide german subtitles. Films with any other language should provide either english or german subtitles.

July 15, 2019


LEVEL 1: Preselection / Screening
Contributions must be submitted in a common digital video format (mpeg2, mp4, wmv, avi, mov), preferably as an online-screener (via i.e. Youtube, Vimeo, FilmFreeway).
Attention: the (secured) download-option must be enabled until october 15th 2019!

In case a film has to be submitted by mail:
The DVD, harddrive or Bluray etc. must show the following information
• Title of the film
• Name of the applicant
• Length and format
and must be sent on one’s own expense and before the submission deadline to:
Innsbruck Nature Festival FILM
c/o Tiroler Umweltanwaltschaft
Meranerstraße 5/III
A-6020 Innsbruck
Austria – Europe

In general the I.N.F. FILM does not pay any shipping-costs; the material submitted will not be returned and will – especially for documentation purposes – be stored in the I.N.F. FILM archive.

LEVEL 2: Selected Films / Shortlist:
Out of all submissions 50-60 films will be selected and proposed for the Shortlist.
The withdrawal from the competition is not possible after the publication of the shortlists in August 2019!
All nominated films will be shown during the festival (October 08–11, 2019).
Generally the I.N.F. FILM does not pay any screening-fees!

All nominated participants will be asked in time to provide the film as DCP file which is obligatory for the screening at the cinema.
In case there is no DCP version available, the applicant will be asked to provide immaculate data of the film for its convertion, in the best quality available, with the following criteria:
• best resolution available
• format min. 1920 x 1080 HD
• English or german subtitles

For convertions of filmdata into DCP the I.N.F. FILM charges:
Films up to 10min: € 20,-
Films up to 30min.: € 50,-
Films up to 100min. € 100,-
Films longer than 100min. € 150,-

All generated DCP data will be made available to the submitters on their own shipping-expense after the Festival.

• YOUNG TALENT (max 20’, up to 25 years old)

The organizer reserves itself the right to move films to another category if it proves suitable.

The films submitted will be viewed and evaluated by a jury appointed by the organizer. Prize awards will be without recourse to courts of law. It is expressly stated at this point that the participant has no right to claim expenses or compensation for any other services.
To the winners of the categories mentioned above and to the winners of Special Awards prizes worth about € 18.000 will be awarded!

Each participant is obliged and guarantees to submit only such films for which he/she has the intellectual property rights. No third-party rights whatsoever may be violated.
The participant is solely responsible if he or she violates potential copyrights or other rights of third parties (e.g., music, film clips from other film productions …). The participant is obliged to indemnify and hold the organizer harmless regarding any claims brought by a third party relating to this context. A participant will be excluded from this event, if his/her film includes racist, sexist, religiously degrading or inflammatory content.

Each participant gives his/her express consent that the (film) material submitted can be shown publicly and can be used in the context of the I.N.F. FILM. The I.N.F. FILM is expressly entitled to use material from the films submitted for advertising the festival. Above and beyond that, the organizer has no right to use the material submitted; all intellectual property rights and rights of use remain with the participant.

The participants‘ application data will be stored and processed for the purpose of organizing the event. the participant gives his/her consent that he/she receives e-mails with content pertaining to the event. such mails will be sent exclusively by the organizer. Personal data will not be made available to third parties.
The participant agrees to the publication of his/her name in relevant media used by the event (e.g. program brochure) and will be quoted as copyright owner / creator of the material. For promotional purposes and media reports, and further public screenings in context with I.N.F. FILM the organizer can use and publish photos, film recordings of and interviews with the participant or the films submitted without the participant being entitled to compensation.

If the planned program of the event is changed or if the event is cancelled, the organizer has no obligation to pay damages to the participant.
In the event of minor negligence, the organizer shall not be liable for property and financial damages. In particular, the organizer shall not be liable for damages to the preview copies and materials submitted.

If a provision of this agreement should become invalid, this does not affect the validity of the other contractual provisions. Excluding conflicts of law, this agreement shall be governed exclusively by Austrian law. The place of jurisdiction and place of performance for all claims and disputes arising from and in connection with this agreement is the pertinent court of law in Innsbruck, Austria. This agreement does not establish or constitute any employment or corporate relationship between the participant and the organizer.
This text is governed by Austrian law and shall be interpreted according to Austrian legal understanding. It is issued in German and English. In the case of differences between the German and English version, the German version has precedence.

By submitting his/her application for the I.N.F. FILM, a participant agrees to these terms of participation.