3rd Innsbruck Nature Film Days 2004

Species diversity in first place

At the 3rd Innsbruck Nature Film Days initiated by the Department of Environmental Protection of the Tyrol in cooperation with the LEO cinema, is all about species diversity.

There are several events that act like an approach to get in contact with nature in Tyrol like the GEO-day of species diversity in June or the GALA-event with Jane Goddall on 03.10.2004. The nature film festival should be seen as a further approach in Tyrol with the potential to be noticed worldwide.
Biodiversity and species diversity are not only limited to the rain forests! There are some species that only occurs in Tyrol and need our understanding and protection. Tyrol as a land characterized by mounts offers mostly tough habitats that demand a specific adaption of animals and plants. We have the commitment to ensure the conservation of these sensitive areas. One of the key intentions of the 3rd Innsbruck Nature Film Days is a sensitization, to realize the beauty and specialty of nature.