5th Innsbruck Nature Film Days

Wilderness – Unnecessary or essential?

The 5th Innsbruck nature film festival takes the visitor into the world of wild areas, both fascinating and terrifying. On Wednesday, 11.10. a roundtable at the Leo cinema is discussing the question why these wild areas are so strongly related to our hearts and about the possibility of securing their further existence.
Between 11. and 14. of October the Leo cinema´s program is all about the theme of the 5th Innsbruck Nature Film Days: Wilderness – Unnecessary or essential?“, an event of the Department of Environmental Protection of Tyrol and a large number of associated partner. First contribution will be the Oscar-winning classic „Serengeti shall not die“ by Prof. Bernhard Grzimek.
At the opening discussion mountaineer Heinz Zak, secretary of the Naturschutzbund Austria Birgit Mair-Markart as well as the director of the Alpenzoo Michael Martys and Johannes Kostenzer of the Department of Environmental Protection talk about their approach to the topic wilderness and the importance of protected areas for conservation.
Many documentaries and motion pictures, partly highly awarded as e.g. „Faszination Natur: Seven Seasons“ or „Jäger am Kap der Stürme“ offer the chance to deal absolutely riskless with the subject wilderness. They take us to territories that are out of reach to the average citizen and show us the beauty of those wild areas.
There are provided selected movies especially for children. Interested schools have the possibility to sign up for an individual presentation.
Wilderness: Scaring to most of us but nevertheless we would feel unwell without its existence. Canyons, cliffy glaciers, dark forests, or lonely valleys and lakes. All these natural sites don´t represent the idea of a paradise to people. Anyway those areas attract and fascinate us and take center stage at this´s years nature film festival. These regions are still characterized by a great diversity and the occurrence of natural elapsing processes. Despite of irreversible changes and a very densely populating there are still some region that can be called wilderness throughout our region. Most of them lie within protected areas e.g. national parks or nature parks.