Innsbrucker Nature Film days

in the frame of the UN International Year of the Mountains

Key aspects of films: Human-mountain – nature
For most of us mounts represent something unassailable, steady and eternal. But today the engineering progress enables us to build monstrous exploitations like roads, paths, lifts, cable cars, basement changes and many other transformations of our landscape. A respectful interaction with our environment especially regarding mountainous areas is even today kind of luxury.
It should be our duty to deliver our mounts as untouched as possible to our children, without any long term damages, loss of plant and animal species or habitats. This includes also the conservation of traditional cultivated landscape like alpine pastures and meadows.
That can´t be achieved through limitations and legal regulations. The last 30 years showed that this could only be done if everyone takes his responsibility. The cooperation between the Department of Environmental Protection, the LEO cinema and the OPEN AIR cinema should be seen as an impulse to every visitor to realize one´s responsibility for our beauties of nature and their further existence.


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  • 2002