Population Boom – Open Air Cinema

As a preview for the 2015 Innsbruck Nature Film Festival, we show Werner Boote’s POPULATION BOOM at this year’s Open Air Cinema!
A well-known horror scenario: 7 billion people on earth. Dwindling resources, toxic garbage mountains, hunger and climate change – a consequence of overpopulation? Who says actually that the world is overpopulated? And who among us is too much?
After the huge box office success of “Plastic Planet” curious documentarian Werner Boote traveled our planet and studied for POPULATION BOOM a decades bogged worldview. For him it is a completely different question: Who or what drives this disaster scenario?

When: August 03, 2015, inlet from 8:15 pm, beginning 9:15 pm
Where: Open Air Kino, Zeughausgasse 1, 6020 Innsbruck